Since producing our first fiberglass parts in 2008, our marine-based experience with details in durability, uniformity and ascetics adapt easily to the quality expected by our clientele.


Recently relocated from Everman, Texas to Joshua, Texas, the Technicians and staff of CMDT LLC offer combined experience of over thirty years in fiberglass fabrication of all shapes and sizes – from full-sized boats to aerospace components.

Disciplined and Controlled

Our quality control procedures include ADA, EPA and Medicare compliance check-lists as well as attention to sealants, hydraulics, mechanics and shell-wall thickness uniformity assuring long-term durability and usefulness.

Informed and Concerned

Consistency of performance and quality is our first mission. We stay abreast of ever-changing developments in manufacturer’s specifications and industry regulations, never compromising our safety and quality standards. For any questions or concerns, please feel free to Contact Us any time.